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Pet Chauffeurs Provide Animal Transport And Pet Relocation Services All Over East & West Europe And Turkey

Office +44(0)1797 320240

You/Family Can Travel With Your Pets

Plus Your Personal Luggage With Our

Bespoke People & Pets + Luggage Service

(This Service is not shared with other pets or people not in your party)

Have more then one pet!

No extra is charged for up to four pets on this service.

Dogs can travel next to you on an attached harness, or we can provide

roomy pens. Cats have large mesh pens, feeding bowls, litter tray plus cat toys for the journey.

Pet Transport for your pets and 1-5 persons anywhere across Europe or Turkey. Within the UK & Ireland, All Mainland Europe and Scandinavia 

DEFRA Compliant for any distance

People Pets Service

Dear Keith

Just wanted to say a big thank you once again for fitting us in to your very busy schedule. A thank you also to you and Darrel for such a pleasant trip. You made it enjoyable for both dogs and humans and it was a pleasure to spend time with both of you.  I will post a testimonial on your website as soon as we get back to Hong Kong and will also recommend you on Hong Kong's DB Forum ( huge expat website in HK).

Our very best regards to both of you.

Anna, Tony, Abbey and Reya


Pet couriers Travel For FREE With Your Pets On Individual Trips to And From Anywhere no matter how far. Only Your Pets Are Charged For a Individual Journey Door To Door. Stop at pet friendly hotels and have no worry over how much personal luggage you have.

Animal couriers  Take the family or group of friends with your pets and luggage, save on flights, airport transfers and excess baggage charges. Love your pets, travel with them to your destination in comfort.

Pets and People Animal Transport Vehicle Europe

Each journey is tailored for you, children and senior citizens are welcome, we listen to your suggestions and plan the journey just for you.

Arriving At An Airport or Seaport

Be collected and travel together direct to your address. This service takes the stress of the journey away, all in one, people, pets and luggage to your door, from any Airport or Seaport in the UK or Europe to your door at your destination.


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Portugal, Spain & France

Office +44(0)1797 320240

Mobile +44(0)7864 526272

Door to Door Animal transport by road

30% off 2nd Pet, 50% off 3rd Pet from same owner & address,

Offer Ends 31st August, Book Now for 2014

Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Name, Tel number, from & to place, country, pet details, Other countries covered.

100% Record of Every Customers Pets ever carried delivered Safely, six Years of Experience of Caring for all Types of Pets in Transit by Road

Reviews for Pet Relocation Services

Thank you so much for helping bring my dog Becky from the Algarve last year. It's been close to a year now that I've had her with me, so I couldn't be happier. Keith and Chris were absolutely lovely and I could tell Becky took a real liking to them both!!! They are true animal lovers, which makes all the difference. Will not hesitate to use Pet Chauffeurs again and have recommended them to several friends, who are also happy customers.

Vanessa Purdon.

We have used this service twice now and couldn't recommend it enough!Our cat was transported to portugal, and 4 months later back to london.
These guys are fab!Professional, friendly and a good love for animals. My cat was delivered to our door after 2 days of travelling as happy as a cat could possibly be, puring away!i have no doubt he was well cared for on his journey. If we move any time in the future I will certainly use them again! Thanks Chris, you did a great job!

Kathleen Beaumont

This is my first ever experience transporting my dog from overseas (Turkey) back into the uk. All I can say is A HUGE THANK YOU TO YOU AND SALLY for making the transition so smooth and making the transfer at least stressful as possible. Thanks again for all you help, assistant and professionalism means a lot when you love your pets more like a family member than just a dog. xx

Kieran Whitley

Just to say how patient professional and accommodating, Keith and Chris were in bringing my dog Ralph from Turkey back to UK. I had booked a transfer from UK my dog was still in Turkey. When I arrived back in Turkey pet passport had been lost. They postponed the trip back and drove 3 hours to pick up my husband, who had brought over a duplicate passport, otherwise Ralph could not of travelled out of Turkey. I will definatley use them again and without a doubt recommend them. Karen Fraser

Each owners pets have their own Defra approved roomy pen and have no contact with other pets.

We collect from your door, feel welcome to see your loved pets travel arrangements.

All pets are attended day and night throughout the journey and delivered to your door.



Pet transport Our specialized Defra inspected vehicles used for our shared pet courier service are fitted with roomy pens with your pets safety and comfort in mind

European Champion

Everything is provided for your pets journey by us,  approved pens, soft bedding, non-spill water bowls with fresh drinking water always available and cats also have litter tray and toys

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Discounts for two or more pets

FREE Advice / Pet Passport Checks

 We set cat pens at a window height and out of direct contact with their canine passengers.

Dogs are regularly walked during the journey using our very own special no-slip leads and are kept well away from traffic.

Fresh water is available for the pets at all times during the journey in non-spill water bowls.

To allow us to be with your pets during channel crossing we use the Euro Tunnel.

Our pet chauffeurs and carers stay with the animals day and night.

Dogs have regular exercises on slip proof leads

Pets never share a pen with another owners pets

Cats are never placed where they could be intimidated by our canine friends

Whilst your pets are in transit, we keep in contact with you every day

For more information about our animal transport and pet relocation services, browse our site or call us on +44 (0) 1797 320240, mobile +44 (0) 7864 526 272

PET CHAUFFEURS Do not take bookings through agents, our only office is based in the UK. We do not accept payment via Great Western or Money gram. Any copy in full or part of these web pages are unauthorised by Pet Chauffeurs.


Pet transport Pet Chauffeurs are Defra Compliant And Holders Of Type 2 Animal Transporter Authorisation For All Pet Species As Issued By Animal Health Welfare (Valid for all journeys)

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